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JUNE 2012 – Decatur, IL   We were headed to our first ITPA (Illinois Tractor Pulling Association) at the Decatur Macon County Fair Grounds on June 8th and June 9th.  Mike Miller, President had agreed to let us have the opportunity to spread the world of Kentucky Whoopies to a new group of Truck and Tractor Pulling Fans.   So, many thanks to Mike and Dee Ann Miller for letting us be a part of a very fun weekend.   We were on the pit side of the track and we knew that there were some serious FANS of this sport on that side……First row seats should be defined as those that can back their truck up to closest side of the track and then you elect just what “your seat” is going to set on.      Much of the basic fold out chairs, but there is more! !   When you have your own set of recliners designed to fit exactly in the back-end of your pick’em’up----you mean business.   Then when your neighboring truck constructs an on-site tent that will be lifted, fitted, nut and bolted to their truck bed, you then have competition beyond the track… LOVED IT !!  Truly the nicest and most fun lovin’ group we have met.    How could we be so lucky, even with these protected real estate lots in front of the Whoopie Wagon, we had the best seats in the house.   We love to pan-handle our cakes, but to get to sale and have front row viewing of all the hooks, it was better than good.     There was some Illinois dirt a flying, but when the Modifieds took the stage, there was more than some Illinois dirt-----We have learned, just to cover up the product, keep your hat on and everything just falls into place.

As we continue on in our little venture, Trey and I have the opportunity to meet so many of the pullers and their teams.  This league put on a Great Show in Decatur. The fans are looking for excitement and when the “Madness” bunch hit the track, they entertain.   I took a few minutes to go to the fence to video Jordan Nelson’s dad make his run of Midnight Madness, and it took a little “hang in there to my brain” to stay put ....There really are few words that can describe the sound, speed, vibration, & heat these machines generate all at the same time. 

Our travels took us from Kentucky to Decatur then to Hutchinson, MN and our final stop on this part of our 2012 tour at Tomah, WI.      This was one of those tours that started one way and just was hard to get back on track…if you know what I mean.     We use the term in our marketing of “Are You Hooked Yet” (In the Pulling Circuit, it simply means that machine of yours has elected to stay snagged at the perfect sweet spot and just stay that way until it can go no further down the track)…..For us, it really means is that trailer of yours hooked to your truck and “if’in” it is…then you fit into the category of a DOT vehicle!!   Before we left Kentucky, we had what we thought was all the proper checks done…NO, got stopped within 2 miles from the home place and had to go back to make proper DOT adjustments.    Ok, now we finally head to IL (Only Three Hours Later) to then find that we need an IL inspection (Ok, now that’s done), then just one more stop in MN (One hour inspection) and we passed the test again and allowed to proceed.  Not complaining,,,,,,but when you elect to drive a rolling billboard, you are asking for it?    Oh, I forgot to factor into this little mix of trying to get this little road show moving that our Freezer Unit had to have a new fuel pump in Springfield, IL.   Now that service center elected to not change a cellionoid and then by the time we got to Madison, WI, we had to have that changed.    So at the end of this tour, DOT good – Thermo King unit good --- Hours waiting for inspections and service centers --- NOT good!

HUTCHINSON, MN On June 15th and June 16th, The Power Pull Nationals took place.  Julia and Ricky Rose and their teams have made this a Number One Grand National Pull for NTPA.   The facility is just one of those that is super Fan Friendly and just grows bigger and better each year.  The crowds were in Hutchinson for this weekend and the weather stayed perfect.     While we had a great time at the Illinois pull, we knew that something just was off……..We found it in MN.   Cuz Dion and Uncle Larry, plus the addition of Josh and Matt.   Now we were back in our game!  Larry on the track, Josh and Matt in “their rolling tower” and Dion set up next to us to meet and greet the puller fans and sale them “STUFF”.   Late hours and long lines for the “Port-A-Potty” just made it feel right.     I still say that if you think you don’t want to buy anything, then DON’T walk by Dion’s set up….that guy will SELL  (Must not forget his able assistant – Seth Heldabrand; he can dish out that merchandise, too-----Plus he is soooo cute and the girls just luv-em)    

This Grand National had so many of the best from the Classes:  Super Stocks, Modifieds, Two Wheel Drives and Semi  (The last hook of the last night, poured out fire and the most excitement --- the stands were still full and all left knowing their money was well spent)     Thanks again to the volunteers and to all that created such a successful event. 

A few days in between the next pull and back to work in our mobile office:
Phone/Computer/Printer/Fed-X/UPS)---all it takes.  Not all work and no play….. I don’t think that I mentioned that Trey and I have an alias (Whoop and LouBee) --- simply check out the local Texas Hold’em Standings at any Buffalo Wild Wings ----- We have to do something between – Travels, Whoopie Sales – Office Work and this is so much fun….The only down side is that it is for points only – no money exchanged “dang” we are pretty good at it—so if it were for real cash, hummmmmmmm ?

TOMAH, WI This was our last stop for this month.   We were at the Budweiser Dairyland Super Nationals last year and it gave us the opportunity to start last year’s season off good.   So, we were excited to be back to Tomah.    Surprise—No Thermo King, No DOT, just unhooked the Whoopie Trailer and we were off to business…Does not read for much of an exciting story, but we were ready for all to Go GOOD! 

We were back into the Swing of Doing Business as Usual (Cuz Dion----INCLUDING MGB & RB !! next to us) (Uncle Larry on Tract, Josh & Matt busy as always).  Seeing pulling friends and laughing just made for a good week.   This was the first pull in along time, that we were able to meet up with the Tractors (Whoopie Maker and Raging Bull /SF) & the Hauler……I mention this for two reasons, I do like to watch them travel down the track , BUT I love being able to have a Bath Room vs. Port-A-Pot.   On this tractor trip, Jess was at guard duty and it was left to the two – John & “Chicken”  -- One of em' was tired, and the other one was sick and therefore not ANY fun to be around…then, The Whoopie Maker got sick and it was downhill…..They were so out of it, on Sunday just as soon as they finished their pulls, they packed those babies and headed out.  (Quickly---I made one smart move, or I thought.   My last stop to the Bathroom in the Hauler – and while I was finishing up! – the rig was shake'in – I rushed  out and it was sooooooo very close to heading down the road, Now picture this, me in the hauler with doors locked, no phone, etc….   I could just hear Whoopie Boy asking RB in about an hour, have you seen MOM!)

Bottom line, I got out of the hauler!  Finished Sales—Closed Up –Hooked Up and had a nice dinner with Trey and our friend, Tim Gibbens (Those two are fun to be around – they laugh, talk sports & pulling and I just sit back enjoy dinner & spirits --- I had already claimed to be the non-driving person)

BTW:  This was the first time, that we noticed that our DOT Required / Attached Fire Extinguisher went missing. 

A quick review --- Georgetown, Ohio on July 6th and 7th was memorable in several ways---We love to be in Georgetown and to see our friends (Bob, Julie, Charles, Robbie, Bill, Bryan, Gigi – All Neals and of course Amber (Neal) and hubby- Brian Wallace – Brian just back from 5 tours of protecting and serving our Country…Thank you Brian)
Georgetown, gets my vote for being the “Hottest” Tractor Pull this season / Hot in as a good Pull, but also the weather----(We only sold Whoopie’s directly from the freezer, it was that HOT)   We still had a GREAT Time and we thank everyone for their help and for being such great fans of our product. 
BTW: This was the second time that we lost a DOT Required / Attached Fire Extinguisher--hmmmmm!

New Hampton, IA was a few miles away from Kentucky, but we made it and big thanks to Dee & Chuck Knapp and Julie and Jim Eckenrod for hosting, in my opinion, the Future Next Super National.  Great Classes and Crowds……We were set up by Dion's Booth (Did I mention that we always like to be next to Dion?) and it was busy.   This was one of those times, that Larry was one NTPA tech shy and Cuz Dion stepping in as usual to fill the spot---for both nights !….Now, this was great for Uncle Larry, but it was a busy two nights for demand of the NTPA Merchandise.   Seth took CHARGE and did a great job for Dion, but it also took the assistance of Whoopie Boy.   (I should have taken a video of the action at that booth, it was non-stop and somehow in all this mix, we still had great laughs)  

Fun for Me:   Second to playing Texas Hold'em with WHOOP at BWW, was that Whoopie Boy stopped @ I 80 Truck Stop (World’s Largest Truckstop)  for me on the way back home.  He did not stop on the way up and I kinda' expressed by disappointment to a “few” people….and it got back to Trey.   This sounds like he was being sweet to Mom…but truth, he was on the phone with his friend, Miles Krieger and imagine this, we were both only 10 minutes away from I 80 exit—we were headed South and Miles headed North and I think he wanted to have someone else to talk to beside yours truly !!

BTW:  This was the third time that we lost a DOT Required / Attached Fire Extinguisher.  (Pattern Developing ????)
CHAPEL HILL, TN (SUPER PULL OF THE SOUTH) our next stop.  We are back in the SOUTH.   What a crowd and an event… Somehow, we feel like family when we are around the ORANGE SHIRTS…Chris Gilbert and his Super Team, promote, prepare and execute ---the BEST PULL EVER.
We were busy from the time we opened shop until we closed.  Both nights not out of there until after 2:00 a.m.   But know this, the Fans of Chapel Hill stay put not matter what the weather does.   A rain delay does not make anyone leave.   At one point, we were so busy, we had the fastest quick study of a Whoopie Sales team put together that you can imagine (Thank you Kim Richwine, and Bill Rowzee and Rachel and thanks to Tim and Bob for helping us close shop)   If you have never been to the Chapel Hill Pull, put it on your calendar----Triple Fun Place.
BTW:  Fire Extinguisher Gone Again….This time, we had it tie strapped down (There was a pattern, but someone mentioned the Tie Strap ‘Thang’ and the mystery came together)
FORT RECOVERY, OH – Headed to our favorite State, OHIO and thank you to all our new fans in the area…a Great Weekend of Sales and Fun.  Thank you Nick Dues and the Ambassador Club for your assistance.  Great Classes, Large Crowds, Good Friends were in the mix for this successful weekend.    Down side, no BWW in the area and no Uncle Larry (Earl Wiseman, Jr. was a great replacement and always good to see Alan Washburn (#1 Announcer) -- & Butch Krieger (#1 Announcer)—cannot say one is #1 and the other is #2 … but to have them both at the same event –WOW.   Thank you PULLERS for GREAT ENTERTAINMENT !!!!!!!
Back to Kentucky for a few weekends off /  NOT, baking, baking, baking on the schedule !
BTW:  We DID NOT have to replace the DOT Required / Attached Fire Extinguisher this time (We realized it was just easier to remove and place back when we hit the road---It worked)  Ok, so we were a little slow on this, but……..

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Next Scheduled Pulls on our Tour
                August 17th-19th National Tractor Pulling Championships in Bowling Green, OH
                August 21st-22nd The Great Darke Co. Fair Pull, Greenville, OH
                August 24th-25th Midwest Xtreme Truck and Tractor Pull, Jefferson City, MO
                September 7th-8th Knox County Truck & Tractor Pull, Knoxville, TN
                September 15  The 26th Enderle Pull-Off, Urbana, OH    
                September 24th-29th The BROWN CO. Fair, Georgetown, OH
                September 28th -30th The World’s Largest Cranberry Festival, Warren, WI --Watch for the World's Largest Cranberry Whoopie -- ONE TON !!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


MAY 2012—Ardmore, AL/TN  We joined the Mid South Pullers and their fans in Ardmore, AL / TN the first weekend of this month for approximately 46 hooks for both days.  It was our first opportunity of the year to see some Mid South pulling friends from last season, as well as to say Hi to Whoopie fans from last year and introduce ourselves to some new ones.   Mike and his team have a number one set up in Ardmore for the pullers, vendors and the fans—a complicated task to achieve.   We had a great time and my all time favorite happening for the weekend---Darrin Hunt (Dreamin Too) is a true entertainer- on and off the track  (BTW: SF Winner in Louisville this year !!!); however, on Saturday night, Darrin was “pre-committed” to attend an Eric Church concert in Nashville.   We all assume that brother, Brandon would be in the Dreamin Too seat----NOT, The No.1 Hauler Driver and Sidekick of Darrin, “Skillet” took the saddle and I was on pins and needles to watch Skillet take it down the track.   He did, but being the great road driver that he is, when he started to see the white lines on the side of the track, he decided to end his track trip at that point…..That zillions of miles of road experience paid off…No DQ for Skillet.  

The only other adventure that Trey and I experienced was on our trip back home on LATE Saturday night, actually EARLY Sunday morning.  There is a hill on I-65, and at the top of the hill there is a major hidden curve.  Trey was on the top of his driving skills (Thank Goodness)….as we topped that spot, there was the accident no one every wants to see, Tractors/Trailers left and right, blue and red lights everywhere and a VERY limited downhill distance to stop….and he DID within inches of the grass median and the next Tractor/Trailer.   Thrill – NO; Impressed with Trey’s skills – YES……….Now on my list of things that I really don’t like (Downhill Grades with Hidden Curves)

Winston Salem, NC & Pinetops, NC  We headed north on Thursday, May 10th toward our first North Carolina stop at Winston Salem for the Winston-Salem Piedmont 300 which was held at the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds and organized by the Walters Pulling Team with the assist of the UPOC and the local FFA Chapter.  Perry Walters can not only construct the perfect track, make a great pull down the tract, but he has two Beautiful Daughters, Sarah and Lauren that both have inherited his spunk & driving ability….This team can put on a show with their style, expertise and just all-around positive outlook on life.   A joy to be around the Walters team.   Now there are many others that keep the action alive in this UPOC group.  Take for instance, Lee Hipp & his team handles the sleds and talk about a character!   There are so many great people that we met this year in NC, or revisited with from last year at Pinetops.   Ashley Stott, the “I really don’t care and I will give it my all for a great show” type of guy, and he did at Winston-Salem – two Full Pulls on one night -mini modifieds (Firing Point & Test Point).  Another favorite of mine is Don Deane and his modified, “Plumbers Nightmare”---now truth, it is not a pretty thing, but he can put on a show and excite the crowds and he did.

The Galot Team is so good at this sport that there is little that can be said, that has not already been said.   Peggy and Earl Wells have created what I would call the NASCAR team of Truck and Tractor Pulling.   Then you add John Strickland as the driver….Oh, add Janalee as a driver….Oh, then add Dana as a driver.   Mechanic, Allen Carr, Crew:  Holt; Justin Harvel, Ben Faucett and WOW!   Two major stand outs for me at Pinetops……John takes Get A Load of That (Alcohol Super Stock) to the concrete barrier – within inches.  I think, we all stop breathing for a second and it was a show stopper….. BUT, the winner for me was Dana.  First time to get in the seat of Get A Load of This (SF) and with no fear, she was headed down the track as if she had been driving for seasons…As a female, I was impressed (Our brains just are not programmed to do this), so big congrats to Dana and all the other gals in the circuit that take this sport seriously and do it so well! 

Enough with details, or semi-details of the pull---let’s get back to what we really like to talk about, our laughs, adventures, mishaps, etc.   Pinetops was the real beginning of our year---WE had both Uncle Larry and Cousin Dion by our sides.   Our hearts & brains were “touched”, and our sides were sore from all the laughter.    Dion’s Red Haw Supply’s booth which sales all the NTPA merchandise was set up next to us and at any point that I thought I might need ”Whoopie Boy” to assist me, he was with Dion.   Helping him sale, setting in a chair, laughing at who knows what; then along comes Uncle Larry and there is no getting this boy back to help me.     Those three together and then mix them with customers stopping by to view Red Haw’s wears, and it is a movie in the making!   I really cannot publish the actual lines that were said by any of those three, except to tell you they all have the personality to sell “Out-Houses” to Hollywood Starlets by telling them they are the In-Thing.

Mechanical is the word for this blog entry---if it was mechanical, we had some type of fight with the-- whatever mechanical?   Now, I do love my F250 truck and it has served us well for this past year; however, it decided that it needed a rest and on Tuesday, the truck doc agreed.   So, left Damon in charge of it to help get it back up and going, BUT NOT to go and hitch it to any sled while I was gone! (Still not sure that did not happen!) (That was three weeks ago!)  In the meantime, Trey had elected to get him an F250 and have it configured exactly like mine (hitch, air-bags, extra diesel tank, etc).  Perfect timing as it was our hitch-ride for the NC trip.   Thinking as we left, we would return and all would be back to norm.    Nope—we had parked the Whoopie Trailer at our lodging for the week in Winston-Salem and on the last night before we headed to Wilson, NC, we noticed the unit was sounding very strange.  So, next morning at 5:00 a.m., we were headed to Greensboro Thermo King to sit in customer lounge for 5 hours, but it was fixed and that would be the end of these recent mechanical issues.  NO, as we are heading in to Pinetops, Trey’s new F250 issues a warning (U only have 30 more miles before shut-down) and it is about 6:00 p.m.   Unhooked and at 5:00 a.m. next morning we are in another customer lounge waiting another 5 hours.  It’s fixed by a simple re-code; (I hope) --  mine is back up and going for the next trip back to Alabama (I hope).    In between these little misunderstandings, we lucked up on one issue --- next to our hotel rooms in both Winston-Salem and Wilson, we were within walking distance of food and drink!!!!!!!!!   & drink!!!!!!!!! 

In summary, forget the mechanical issues (that’s history), we had a SUPER good visit in North Carolina, we had many laughs, we met many new friends.  We want to thank UPOC, Perry Walters, Bert Pitt for letting Kentucky Whoopies be a part of two fantastic pulls.   A special thank you to Annette Barber, the Secretary of the UPOC.  Annette arranges for the Peddle Pulls for the children in the afternoon before the pulls for the evening start.  The kids love this and it’s just another way to keep this a family affair.  Good to meet, Jeremy Tyndall and a very special thanks to Josh and Matt Steinmetz for helping us whenever we need—U put me with Josh, Matt and Trey and I feel as protected as you could imagine.

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· for July 6th & July 7th – Kentucky Whoopie-Brown County Summer Nationals (NTPA Grand National) ----MAKE YOUR PLANS FOR FUN at GEORGETOWN, OH-----

Next Schedules for JUNE for Kentucky Whoopies:
June 1st & 2nd – Hazel Green, AL (Kentucky Corn Growers – Region 6 Shootout Series / NTPA Grand National)
June 8th & 9th – Decatur, IL (Macon Co. Fair Tractor & Truck Pull / (Illinois Tractor Pullers Association)
June 15th & 16th – Hutchinson, MN (Power Pull Nationals / NTPA Grand National)
June 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th – Tomah, WI (Budweiser Dairyland Super National Pull)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


March 2012---This month we traveled to Pennsylvania….home of the KEYSTONE NATIONALS INDOOR TRUCK and TRACTOR PULL in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania which was held at the Farm Show Complex & Expo Center – the largest indoor agricultural exposition in the country.   KEYSTONE was started in 2008 and each year it just gets bigger and better.  Keystone supports FFA chapters in PA and VA, as they say, “The future of farming begins with the dedication of these young people”   One ticket creates fun for the fans, opportunity for the pullers to exhibit their machines’ strength and last but not least---help to the future of American Young Farmers.  Just think, in only a few short years, this pull has brought the best from all-over this nation.   Three nights and two days were packed with an estimated total of 260 Trucks and Tractors entered / 19 classes and 14 of those classes in finals on Saturday night.     Those 260 feet of real estate were checked out more in 30   hours than you can ever imagine…..

Our tale begins…”Whoopie Boy” and I left Kentucky early on Wednesday headed to Pennsylvania for an approximate 14 hour ride.  We have learned in this past year, not to over pack anything, including snacks or drinks. The more stops you make, the better the trip (maybe longer), but it does the body good!  And just what would we do without “smart phones”—those babies can place you in the perfect spots -- like our favorite restaurant in Knoxville for lunch -- another great stop for dinner --we do eat well on these trips!   Smart phones keep you up on weather conditions, traffic conditions, best diesel prices and best of all---we look up everything – it just speeds the time on by!   For almost every question I’m asked, I just “Giggle” it….my spelling now sucks; but all the stuff I learn on these road trips from this “Giggle” is amazing!   The only problem is that the stuff we look up doesn’t really make us any smarter—we strictly use it for entertainment. Ask me about a movie, song and I’m there….ask me an intelligent question, I’ll have to look it up!   Not Trey, he is a different character --- he remembers EVERY stupid line from EVERY stupid movie (Dodgeball, Old School, Talladega Nights etc..) and EVERY word to any stupid song out there (word for word)  AND you should hear him rap “Ice-Ice-Baby Not sure how he does it, but it’s impressive.   He remembers facts about stuff you would never think about, so if nothing else happens in this great adventure….Mom has learned to have an appreciation for all the years and cost of a higher education….Oh wait, what I just said about what he does so “artfully” was not acquired during his higher education period or was it ??????

So after 14 hours – we arrived in Harrisburg, PA., checked into our hotel, and finally a good night’s sleep.  The guys and tractors had left Kentucky several hours after we did and they were somewhere behind us.  I think they thought we were driving too slow, making too many stops, ughhhh !  (They were right, BUT--- we had a room for the night; theirs got sold, they had 200 miles left to drive; our miles were history;  they were driving; we were sleeping, they arrived really late and slept in the hauler;  we were in a comfy room for the night).   Sometimes the turtle does win the race!

We set up at the Farm Show Expo on Thursday and the “Little Whoopie Trailer” was open and ready for business.   Our set up for Thursday was only in the exhibit hall and we were busy; but on Friday and Saturday we ROCKED… On Friday, we decided to change our sales strategy and go with an additional mobile set up on the track and away we went….  Talk about two steppin’ --- Trey would text me that he needed more Chocolate Chip Whoopies, or ear plugs, or change, or a bathroom break.   Being the GREAT Mom that I am, I texted him back and said, “you’re on your own here, Bud---I’m too busy”     Looking back, pretty cool that our little team, handled the crowds, kept energized and had a great time---without yelling “HELP”.

There were so many great trucks and tractors at KEYSTONE, and so many of them that we usually don’t see on the NTPA circuit. (Very Neat)  There was a lot of BLUE in that arena, too!   The pullers from the east coast DO know how to travel down the track to the point there is no track.   

The Raging Bull and The Whoopie Maker International tractors joined them on this pull and did very good, too.  Friday night, Chicken was in the driver seat with Raging Bull and yep, he went straight for the sand. (Maryland & PA are Robert’s old stompin’ grounds, so it was good for him to be back home and he did have a few in the crowd to cheer him on --Brothers Ronnie and Roger Haggerty were there to watch little brother – lots of personality with these two, and do I need to mention that they always make me laugh?—LUV that about them!)   Saturday morning started great as John took The Whoopie Maker into the sand (or the beach, as they say) and the second exciting pull for this little group was on the books.  Both made it into the finals and both had great runs –a very good weekend for all.  Jess stayed busy this weekend keeping both tractors in high performance….and keeping up with him is even harder, as he works and walks faster than anybody I have ever seen.   Jess will be in Raging Bull’s driver’s seat on April 21 in Murray, KY, like I said, it’s hard to keep up with him.



Other friends to mention…Adam Draudt, (aka—Armature Photographer ---my foot!!)  Adam gets the best shots of tractors & trucks in motion….He has “The Gift”.    Adam will be at the July 6th and 7th, KENTUCKY WHOOPIE-BROWN COUNTY NTPA SUMMER NATIONAL pull in Georgetown, Ohio to make his camera continue the magic…
You can reach Adam @ 716-435-5317 (MAD PULLING PICS ).   
Jerry Richardson (JR) with Eastern Extreme Pulling is without a doubt “The Man” with the lens and if you want GREAT videos of the pulls, here you go----

We also had the pleasure of a visit with Dick Morgan of ----So many new friends….I likeeee.   

No Cuz Dion—No Uncle Larry—No Kyle—No Robbie L this trip----In their place, two good friends that made sure Dave’s sled stayed in line….Bob Neal (Note to Julie—Bob’s wife:  You should be proud of Bob, every video taken by JR that Bob was in, he was smiling, and proudly wearing his Kentucky Whoopie T Shirt!) and Brian Neal (Brian is always watching out for me…thank you-Brian !)  Good friend, Clay Darnell hitched a ride with John for this pull and he did his best to keep the guys in line. (He’s a tall fellow and I would not argue with him about anything).  We met some new faces from up East...Chris Stewart (thank you for the great video); Ryan Siracusa a really fun character-full of enthusiasm (our pleasure to meet you, Ryan)

Almost forgot, if you have been following our blog, in January, we told you about the funny story with our win of the 50/50 at Gordyville (a true story)……GUEST WHAT, we WON again (NO, you can’t make this stuff up and YES, I’m declaring it…cause if you post it, you better own up-to-it !)

A big thank you to The Keystone National Pulling Committee, Forrester Farm Equipment, Interstate Pullers and the East Coast Pullers for the hospitality and for creating such a spectacular pull.  Special thank you to Tom Street and Jason Forrester……  BOOK you calendar for March 14th, March 15th and March 16, 2013…visit for advanced tickets.

UPDATE:  Only two customers, asked us the famous question, “What’s a Whoopie Pie”----Remember Pennsylvania is Whoopie Country.  In fact, “me thinks” that Maine and Pennsylvania are always at odds as to which State created the WHOOPIE PIE—don’t know the answer to that one, but I do know  that we are building some fans to the Southern Kentucky Style Whoopie….

Pennsylvanians loved Kentucky Whoopie and we loved Pennsylvania…..THANK YOU ALL & WE’LL COME BACK NOW !!!!

Watch for our next blog and visit:

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FOR CERTAIN make plans to attend the Kentucky Whoopie-Brown County NTPA Summer Nationals in Georgetown, OH the weekend of July 6th and July 7th   

· for details --- It will be one FUN weekend of pulling!!  

·         Facebook Page-- Kentucky Whoopie Brown County Summer Nationals


                April 28 --Harrison County FFA Truck & Tractor Pull, Cynthiana, KY
                May 4th & May 5th – Ardmore Lions Club Pull, Ardmore, AL
                May 11th & May 12th –Winston Salem Piedmont 300, Winston Salem, NC
                May 18th & May 19th – Pinetops 300 National Truck & Tractor Pull, Pinetops, NC

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


February, 2012----This month we headed to two events at the same time.   Trey headed to Murfreesboro, TN for the Southern Promotions Invitational.    This is the number one winter pull for both tractors and truck fans.   It is held at the Miller Coliseum and is a great venue for both the pullers and fans.   Melissa made certain that Trey and Kentucky Whoopies was set up with a great vendor spot.   Trey was in charge of this gig and did a very- very good job of promoting our company and the sale of those great Kentucky Whoopies….   At the same time, I had traveled to Ocala, Fl for the winter pull that is held at the Southern Livestock Pavilion….  We had a contest (Who would sale the most) maybe that’s what it takes, put a fire under “Whoopie Boy” and watch him go!!!!!      Don’t take me wrong, I had great sales, too----but the fans in Murfreesboro and surrounding areas knew they were good and did not ask the famous question that we get all the time “What is a Whoopie Pie”….they just bought and enjoyed.   Now in Florida, I had to add a little Southern Charm---you know, how many do you want one or five!!!   Amazingly it still works----many THANKS to all of you for liking our snack cake.

Fun facts about Murfreesboro.   Trey added the assistance of Heather (Jess’s girlfriend)   Now Heather is a “Go Getter” - No dust on her feet.    I would get so many texts from those two about just how much they had sold, which one was having the most fun, what soft drink they were drinking, etc, etc.    In addition, some pics were “accidently” sent to me.     Trust me, they were havin’ fun.      In addition, to this, Cuz Dion was in attendance along with Robby Neal and Kyle Utter----need I say more.   They even took time to do photo ops of “Whoopie Boy” in a tractor with an extremely little roll cage in which even I wondered how the cage is suppose to work.   Other pics have not been posted (Whew….a relief there!)

Now in Florida, it was a different picture.   Long travel with the Kentucky Whoopie Freezer Trailer (Jess helped me by driving several miles) and we tagged along with the Hauler and the Tractors.  We knew that “Diesel Damon” would be in the mix of our convoy, not just sure when? ----He was taking his FWD Truck to pull and every now and then, you would look beside you or behind you and there he was, and there he was gone, and back again—not sure what happened in between, but at the end of a very long day and trip, we all ended up in the same spot, Ocala.    At this point, an assumption would be that everyone was tired and ready for a quick bite to eat and to the rooms.    No---BTW, did I mention that Larry Richwine was the announcer? (Uncle Larry) was rested and ready to eat and entertain.   On to the one of the best spots in town for great food and way tooooooo much laughter.  I was totally out-numbered by John, Larry, Chicken, Damon & Jess, but I held my own (I think?)   The rest of the weekend was just a blurrrrrr…   No, we continued to have fun, the Florida Whoopie Fans grew in numbers (Did I mention that Larry announced?) , Raging Bull driving by Chicken and Jess and Whoopie Maker driven by John made many runs down the tracks and the crowd loved them…very exciting to watch.    We had pics and posted what we could!

So at the end of the day, Fun was had by all, Sales were Great and THANKS to the Fans, Thanks to Larry for forcing everyone in Florida to find out about  a “Whoopie”  ---- Thanks to Heather for keeping Trey in-line, or not!

National Farm Machinery Show---First, Kentucky Whoopies was not a vendor at this great event and this is not being stated for any reason other than to let our blog followers know that Trey and I actually had the weekend off and had the opportunity to watch some great Truck and Tractor Pulling from some of the Best in the county.    

We were honored that John’s Super Farm Tractor (Whoopie Maker) was invited to be one of 16 SF tractors in that class on Thursday night of NFMS Tractor Pull.    Very Trilling to see our “little pony” travel down the track….and he did not stop mid-way for a drink of water (what a relief)…Finished #8.   Bottom line, as a spectator watching that class pull and as a spectator walking in “The Broadbent”, we did have the opportunity to over-hear comments made about the “Whoopie Maker” tractor… and 99% were great……..big and little fans loved the graphics and the fun it seems to resonate and that’s what is all about (OK….it’s also about selling Whoopie Pies---U just got-to-do, what U got-to-do!)   By the end of the year, we'll re-hash this fact!   In the meantime, we are not going to go over any particular statistics about this year’s results in Freedom Hall, other than it was VERY exciting – Very Real Place to BE in February (We love all classes, but my favs.. are 2WD and Modifieds----both were there and I was not disappointed at ALL-------Felt the heat from the Mods as they went by-WOW !)

We had the opportunity to talk to so many of our new found friends in the pulling community and NOT just looking at them with sad eyes---saying “Please buy our Whoopie Pies”!!!    

Oh, did I mention that we laughed a lot?    Never a dull moment with Damon, Chicken or Jess.  Thanks-- JB and Kelly Swafford, Darrin Hunt, Julia Conny, Dee Knapp, Miles Krieger, Tim Gibbens, Josh Steinmetz, Tony Keith and a special thanks to Larry Richwine and all his entourage in the “Fuel Room” ----

Almost forgot, Buddy Bliss is one of our dear feathered friends, and there was some unusual activity during this time….Buddy was in Florida with Dion and the annual Florida Championships; however, Buddy got spooked by the dogs and just unannounced flew to Louisville to seek refuge with Uncle Larry.   At that time, we thought it would be a great time to introduce him to our little feather friend (“Fried”)---the two met and I think both boys will be good friends in the future---we will keep you posted.   Since they both like “Chicks”, you just never know---let’s just hope they both respect each other’s space!

In the meantime, visit a great site for a super summary of the NFMS results…..not just your standard read---you will be entertained each week with unusual-inspiring-interesting articles within the sport of Truck and Tractor Pulling. (  Add it to you weekly list --- BEYOND magazines and newspapers!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Random Pics of Gordyville

The Whoopies Hanging Out with Cousin Dion
Adam Draudt (MAD PULLING PICS) captured "Whoopie Maker "
For Videos of the Event:

Event Shirt Designed by Dion (Red Haw Supply)

Sunday, March 18, 2012



Blog…. By Mary Pitt / Trey Pitt

We would like to first introduce ourselves to those of you that might read our “little blog- diary”  of our adventures in the production and marketing of our “delicious” snack cake.   Mary Pitt, the mom and Trey Pitt, the son --a DUO that came up with this idea--this thought (maybe… too much Kentucky Bourbon one night!)  to create a little on-line sales venture that has now expanded to a very marketable venture in a very short period.   Our direction did change a little when we decided to follow the great sport of Truck & Tractor Pulling and when we became a Grand National Points sponsor for the National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA).   A very good decision on our part, as the fans of this sport have really --taken’ a liken’-- to us!   So a BIG THANK YOU... 

We both have a great sense of humor, use it daily, and felt it was not fair to you--the reader not to fully share some of our humor and laughter we have enjoyed during this adventure.  During the past year of production of our product and the sales of our product, we have had some wonderful opportunity to meet so many people, made so many new friends and had SO many good laughs.  Truck and Tractor Pullers, their teams and their fans are simply Good People, Enjoying a Great Sport and being themselves…WE LIKE THAT!

We will introduce you to some of our good friends that we have met along the way.   Several you will hear much about as they are really like family:  Dion Bliss (AKA Cousin Dion) and Larry Richwine (AKA Uncle Larry).   Robbie Neal and Kyle Utter are usually in the mix somehow (sometimes we know them, sometimes we don’t—it just really depends!)  Friends that we did not meet along the way, but are a part of our little family and have been for several years are Robert Haggerty (AKA Chicken), Damon Warren (AKA Diesel Damon) and Jess Willard (AKA Sarge) All three are part of the Pulling Team of Super Farm Tractors, Raging Bull and Whoopie Maker…..You will also see them at the Kentucky Whoopie Sales Trailers at the events sometimes.  They help us in times of need and they hide there if necessary!

A few others have or will become members of this select group and we will tell you about them as we go along…We can tell you this about them --   “the apple will not fall to far from the tree”

All of the above have the VERY important possession of a key to “THE WHOOPIE TRAILER”---This is a very special sought after item….Remember that the Trailer is full of frozen Whoopie Pies, ice, etc. etc…. and it is Very Cold (Most of the pulls occur in the summer and it truly is a happening place at those times !!)

We are not writers so you must bear with us in our posting.  We will share with you all we can without going to the extreme, but at the same time we don’t want to hold back on fun.   In both our travel and back home in Franklin, KY at our commercial production facility we have been known to go from one subject to another within a matter of seconds, not skipping a beat and ending in laughter (if we were on TV, many bleeps would have to be included in the mix).

So let’s try this:   (We are going to go back and catch up to the beginning of 2012)

January, 2012--- We traveled to the Gordyville Pull (Midwest Winter Nationals), produced by Klint Tucker and his team“Whatssmokin”   FYI—Not only NTPA sanctions pulls, but also The PPL, State and Regional Pulls.  Some pulls are referred to as Outlaw Pulls, or a Pull that allows all sanctioned tractors to go for it.   There are differences in the sanctions based on the Rules of that particular sanction.   Gordyville is one of those events that will get everyone together.  The classes that pull are Pro Farm – Limited Pro Stock – Super Farm (NTPA and Outlaw) - Limited Super Stock.   Note, they have “Smokers” and for those Whoopie Fans that don’t know what that is---it simply means the tractor is a diesel tractor and the Sled Crew creates an avenue to remove that smoke from the indoor arena by way of several—several feet of pipe that funnels the smoke from the tractors to the outside as the tractor moves down the track.      Needless to say, it is very Fan Friendly.  

This is a very simplified explanation, so for you experts – bear with us…we want to keep it simple.  But for you non-tractor pullers, this is a VERY complicated sport with respect to rules, classes, regulations---not to mention the complexity of the trucks and tractors to generate the amount of horsepower via turbo, V-8 style engines, blowers, agricultural engines, etc. 

This event in Gordyville is notorious for the cold temperatures that usually are in effect in January in Illinois.   So, we were well prepared with gloves, hats, “long handles”, etc.  (At least one extra piece of luggage)  The joke started here, as the weather was extremely friendly and there was absolutely no need for the additional weather protection….  

We set up in the arena next to our very good friend and mentor, Cuz Dion.    Dion Bliss, owner of Red Haw Supply is very well known in the NTPA tractor pulling circuit as the NTPA merchandiser.   Very-very nice event shirts and merchandise are produced by Dion and his team; in addition the various Truck and Tractor Pulling Teams will go to Dion and have him create shirts for their teams.   All of these can be found at Red Haw Supply booths through out the pulling season.   Not everyone will know this, but Cuz Dion has an extremely big heart and Trey and I are forever grateful to him for being our friend and helping us along the way.   We enjoy his company so much that when we call to confirm our vendor spot at the pulls, we ALWAYS request that we be next to Dion…..really not necessary, as he always has our back and has handled that before we ask.   Enough “mushy” about Dion….Real facts:  He has the sharpest wit and uses it daily---most will not notice / We Do.   He can sell a T-Shirt to a nudist; in fact he can talk them into two without them ever remembering that they don’t wear T-Shirts.   He is always on that phone, beware as you might be in a pic for something you did, or in a post for something you said...  Best way to handle this, is just be you and laugh at the results.   

At Gordyville, Dion had our spot, advised us to add the side to our tents as it could get “dusty”, etc.  We did as instructed and we were set up (not knowing) for one of the most exciting tractor pulls ever.   The event was so well organized, the number of tractors in the staging area was unbelievable and the number of fans that attended this event was HUGH.    The announcer for the event was another good friend of ours, Miles Krieger and was assisted by his Dad, Butch Krieger.    Many fans do not realize the importance of good announcers that know the sport….there are never moments of silence with so much action on the track; however, a good announcer will share tid-bits of pulling information and statistics.   Leave it to Miles---he works it all in and there is always something new to learn for even the most ardent puller fans.     Trey knows Truck & Tractor Pulling, he knows rules, he knows pullers and their teams and he knows how to sale “Whoopie” Pies (Thank goodness!!!!!)----I know enough to be dangerous and have been doing a lot of quick study—so information such as given by the announcers is very good for me during my training.    We love the announcers that talk about our “Whoopie Pies” and both Miles and Butch made certain that the crowds would be introduced and they were ---- we “pan-handled” so many of them…….thank you, thank you……..   (Best feeling ever is when, you have sold one Whoopie to someone, they walk away, and then you see them again and they want to buy a dozen to take home)   This happened in Gordyville over and over again.

The family has two Super Farm tractors that pull in the circuit (Raging Bull & Whoopie Maker) both will be pulling in the NTPA Grand National circuit this season and at many other State and Regional pulls.   Both tractors were at Gordyville and did pretty good….I’ll leave the stats… to the experts.     The graphics on Raging Bull had been changed and the crowds like the new look….the graphics on prior incarnation of Raging Bull II had been changed to the new and improved graphics “Whoopie Maker” and pretty sure the fans liked the fun characterization…The tractors are the same as last season, except for clean up / tune up and these face lifts…    We were very excited when John offered to make this change to one of his Super Farm tractors.   I’m assuming that most pullers want a “mean-powerful” look on their machine….took guts to agree to change an expensive macho engine to a pic of a cartoon horse in a fire suit powering out “Whoopie Pies” and it takes the same guts to drive it…..So many thanks to John for allowing and driving and the same to Chicken and Jess for being ready--willing-- and able to hop on that seat if needed.   In the meantime, they can continue to feel the macho power in their number one seat this season as the drivers of Raging Bull……(This tractor says “watch-out”----plus check out the set of glowing red balls on the tractor----people ask me all the time about that ????  What do you say---YEP that’s what “IT IS”!!)

As stated earlier, this event was HUGH—so was the amount of beer…You know that it is a big deal, when after the end of Saturday night’s pull which was technically on Sunday morn, they announce that the beer wagons would be open for two more hours.    From a personal standpoint, it was a good deal that beer was so liked----Trey and I purchased a ticket, called a 50/50 ticket (which basically is pay $5 – goes into a pot – at a defined time – the pot ends – the pot is split with ticket holder that is drawn and the event) -- The first drawing took place / no one claimed within the defined time / drew another ticket / BINGO—we won!  Sweet!    It turns out that the holder of the first ticket had failed to claim his winnings as he was at the beer wagon trying to use that ticket to buy his beer…hmmmmmm.  True, as Dion says “can’t make this stuff up”

Gordyville Summary----SUPER PULL, (Thank you Klint), Super Sales (Thank you Fans), Big

 Thank you to Dion, Chicken, Jess and Trey for the help and laughs)   Ohhhh… thank you Robby and Kyle (sometimes they were there, sometimes not!!)